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About Us

We have been in business for 13 years. We came together from all over the United States. from Kansas, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas and Montana. While we are all different, there is one thing that binds us all together, our Faith.

While a growing number of people seem to think that we need to oppose or even dislike and belittle those with different views from ours, we have found, now more than ever, that our common belief in Jesus Christ our savior is what allows us to accept and appreciate each others differences, for no matter the difference in upbringing or political affiliation, there is no better example in history of tolerance and acceptance than our Lord.

We believe it is time for all Christians everywhere to show our support for peace and understanding by wearing a symbol of our faith. It allows us to show what's in our heart, and it reminds those that we interact with, who we are, children of God. Perhaps, it will inspire them to to follow your example.

We have searched for the highest quality items at an affordable price and placed them here for you. Whether for yourself, your friends, your children or grandchildren, each piece was chosen to inspire what Abraham Lincoln called, " the better angels of our nature."